Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat is charging fellow NBA players $20 for a cup of coffee in his side business within the bubble

By Joel Alderman

Would you shell out $20 for a cup of coffee, even a large size? For most of us, the answer is “absolutely not.” But if you were a player inside the NBA bubble, and getting the kind of money they earn, the answer might be different.

Jimmy Butler, now in his first season with the Miami Heat, has a thing going where he offers the java to fellow players for that exorbitant price, and apparently is getting it. Options for buying a quick drink of coffee within the bubble at Walt Disney World in Orlando FL are limited and Butler knew that when he started his enterprise there.

Big Face Coffee

This is no casual thing for Jimmy. He told Rachel Nichols on ESPN that he is working on his “coffee skills” in anticipation of opening his own place after his career is over. Right now, he is going under the name “Big Face Coffee.”

He has until recently just been sticking to his game in the NBA, not selling coffee. Now in his ninth season, six with Chicago and briefly Minnesota and Toronto, he has a scoring average of 17.0 points in 581 games.

As Jimmy Butler’s coffee menu board says, his business is cash-only.

The coffee entrepreneur is offering his product in three sizes- small, medium, and large. But why settle for small or medium? All three have that same price tag, and Butler will take only cash, “no I.O.U.’s.”

The menu for “Big Face Coffee” is posted on the door of Butler’s hotel room. The choices are:

Pour Over
Red Eye
Cafe Au Lait

The French Press

Butler uses a percolator known as a French Press, which is available at most department and big box stores (such as Costco and Wal-mart). It employs a plunger to squeeze out the beverage from coffee grounds. When used correctly, we believe that it really does make a superior tasting brew.

Warning: The price may go up

Depending upon how many cups he sells, the price may go even higher. “You can’t get coffee nowhere here,” Butler said. “So, I might bump it up to 30 bucks a cup. Just depends. People here can afford it. So ain’t nobody complaining.” (ESPN)

Butler reportedly earns $32,742 annual salary, plus whatever pocket change he can net at $20 per cup. Maybe he will save the proceeds for that rainy day.

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