How to delete automatic playcalling patch NBA 2K11: My Player

NBA 2K11 was the greatest sports video game ever created. It was virtual basketball nirvana. In My Player mode, you could sit back and relax as you took your created player through all the sights and sounds of his NBA career; from the press conferences, to the awards and All-Star games, even the billboards and personal letters from Michael Jordan.

And then, some idiot at 2K Sports decided to completely alter the way the game was played months after millions of fans were thoroughly enjoying it.

Want to make ‘My Player’ mode fun again in NBA 2K11? Just scroll down a little bit.

2K Sports released a “Patch” for NBA 2K11, which was intended to fix glitches and can be downloaded simply by pressing ‘A’ one too many times as the game is loading. (Provided you have online access.)

A message comes up on your screen saying something about there being new features or updates available for the game, and I figured it would be mostly roster changes. (You know, trades, NBDL call-ups, etc.)

It fails to mention that it is going to completely ruin the way ‘My Player’ mode is played.

Soon after I downloaded the update, I couldn’t play ‘My Player’ like I used to.

It made me run to a spot on the court, designated by a little blue circle, and then wait as my idiot computer teammates passed the ball around and jacked up contested 3’s with 22 seconds left on the shot clock.

It was horrible. It almost ruined the game for me.

But then, I figured out how to fix it. And now I’m gonna tell all of you guys how to fix it, because, as a huge fan of the game, I feel like it is my job. Also, I have some free time.

So here’s how to delete the Automatic Playcalling Patch:

1. Turn off your Xbox and open up the tray where the game goes in.

2. When the Xbox home screen comes up, scroll all the way to the right until you get to ‘System Settings’. Hit A.

3. Go to ‘Memory’, hit A.

4. You will see your Hard Drive. Hit ‘Y’.

5. Go down to the option that says ‘Clear System Cache’, and hit A.

6. Restart your Xbox, and enjoy MyPlayer as it was meant to be, without all the stupid playcalling crap.

7. You’re welcome.


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