A Mid-March Dream

By: Matt McDonough

UConn Daily Campus News


NEW YORK—After a loss to the boys from South Bend,

the Huskies seemed to have many mistakes to mend,

But panic they did not,

for the upcoming week they would get hot.

A day early they headed to the Big Apple,

with the Blue Demons the first opponent they would grapple,

Connecticut hammered DePaul on Day 1 of their mid-March dream run, 97-71. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

But the battle with the Demons was no dramatic bout,

for the Huskies would win in a dominating rout.

The Hoyas were next but they weren’t Wright,

still the Huskies scratched and clawed in the fight,

They would go on to win in a comfortable fashion,

displaying effort, togetherness and passion.


The next day was a matchup with the venerable Panther,

but the baller from the Bronx had every answer,

Willing his way in and out of the paint,

the scrawny six-footer had a heart that would make others faint.


With the contest tied and the ball in his hands,

the baller laughed when the Panther switched to another man,

Teasing his opponent with a smile and a step,

after 40 minutes the baller needed no more pep.


He dribbled towards the hoop and quickly stepped back,

while the Panther stumbled and his ankles went crack,

For the knockout punch didn’t come from a jab of a fist,

simply by an eye on the clock and a flick of the wrist.


The ball went up and the Panther started to fret,

for the whole arena knew the shot was wet,

Walker after draining the game-winner against Pitt. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

His mind was one that refused to lose,

so the Huskies won the game and a celebration ensued.

Following the upset the Huskies faced another favorite,

and the doubters believed in the fourth fight they couldn’t make it,

But the Huskies pulled on through,

by resting and keeping calm and cool.

For the role of the underdog was one they loved to embrace,

believing they would win no matter who they faced,

Well this opponent from upstate was packed with Vitamin C,

but in a primetime slot the whole world would see.


The two rivals faced off under the lights,

and the arena was shaded in a hue of orange so bright,

But the Huskies marched and at the end of the game had a lead,

the Orange, however, refused to concede.


Unwilling to quit and give in to fatigue,

for the Huskies wanted a chance at the title of the league,

So with weary legs the Huskies turned on the jets,

controlling the ball and shooting it through the net.


In the extra session they built a five-point lead,

against a pulpless citrus that would be all they would need,

After three quarters of an hour of blood, sweat and tears,

only one game remained to prove that this was indeed their year.


So for the fifth time in five days the Huskies boarded a bus,

shaking off four days’ worth of pain, aches and rust,

In the title bout the Huskies would go against a Bird,

UConn's Alex Oriakhi came up large in the Big East Tournament. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin)

and only the winner would have the final word.


Wearing their toughness in five letters across their chest,

the Huskies were determined to prove they were the best,

The ball was tipped and the Huskies stormed out,

but the Bronx baller was whistled twice causing the lead to be in doubt.


With the star on the bench and the Cardinals coming,

the clock didn’t stop running,

But when the first gun sounded the lead was already in half,

and the Huskies walked off looking gassed.


Out of the break the lead would be erased,

and the Cardinals thought they saw defeat in the Huskies’ face,

But the dogs didn’t get as tired as they often do,

and managed to stop the bleeding and keep the deficit at two.


Back and forth with the star back on the court,

and his jesters beside him guarding the fort,

The baller dished to a Lamb giving them the lead,

and this one they would heed.


But up by three a mistake was made,

and thoughts of a title began to fade,

For the Bird had a shot to tie the match,

but the Huskies lucked out and continued to scrap and scratch.


A freshman stepped up with a chance to seal the game,

it was him who two months prior caused all the pain,

But the rookie kept a calm demeanor,

and knocked down the free shots while looking like a senior.


It looked as though the Bird was in desperation,

The Huskies capped their remarkable run with a win over Louisville, 69-66. ESPN analyst Bob Knight called UConn's effort, "one of the most impressive things I've seen in basketball in a long time." (AP Photo/Frank Franklin)

but executed a final play to near perfection,

When the shot hit back rim a roar exploded through the gym,

with a melody that sounded like a choir singing a hymn.


For the Huskies were champions of this mighty group,

and the Bronx baller was mobbed by his reputable troops,

After the team formed a circle and started to dance,

the baller took advantage of his chance.


To tell his parents he loved them and how much he was thankful,

With this performance June’s riches will be plentiful,

The trophies were awarded and the nets cut down,

and the city streets were painted blue and white all around.


The Huskies completed a task that was never before done,

and this may be the beginning of the fun,

But one week in March will be remembered forever,

as a testament to teamwork, endurance and together.


The boy from the Bronx had the best five days ever known,

And as bright as the city’s lights his coach’s face did glow.

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