The Worst Free Throw in the History of the World


By: Kels Dayton


Something magical happened the other night. The worst free throw in world history was attempted by Appalachian State center BrianOkam. Itwas recorded in the video below, and probably will be placed in a time capsule so that when aliens can study it when they reach planet Earth long after human existence has come to an end.

Now, we don’t like to make fun of college kids, but we’re sure that Okam has probably already gotten his share of ribbing from his teammates. And Okam isn’t that bad of a free throw shooter; he shot 61 percent from the line during his freshman season at Rutgers. But this free throw slipped out of his hands so dramatically that it makes Shaq look like Mark Price by comparison.

“You look back at it and laugh a little bit for sure,” Okam told Yahoo! Sports. “But it’s not something that will be in my mind the next time I step to the free-throw line.”

Okam, a 7-0 junior from Enugu, Nigeria, is averaging 2 points and 2 rebounds in 10 minutes per game this season for Appalachian State.

Now, he’s famous. Check it out:

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