NBA Draft Profile: Alex Len


7-1, 255 lbs.

School: Maryland

Class: Sophomore

 Note: Len will miss 5-6 months after having ankle surgery to repair a stress fracture.

AP Photo/Chuck Burton

AP Photo/Chuck Burton

STRENGTHS: Len is an athletic big man with the potential to develop into a good NBA player. He’s an impressive athlete and is well-coordinated for his size. Len has a good jumper and can step out to 18-20 feet. He put on about 30 pounds before the 2012-13 season, and he’s got an NBA body. His numbers weren’t overwhelming (11.8 ppg, 7.8 rpg, .534 FG pct), but he did put together a number of impressive games and had a knack for coming up big in the biggest games. He scored 23 and grabbed 12 boards in the season opener against Kentucky, and scored 19 and 20 in games against UNC and Duke. Len has a high motor and is strong around the basket, scoring on tip-ins and offensive boards. He’s a good player now, but there’s no question: his athleticism and potential are what make him a top pick.

WEAKNESSES: Len is still very raw and will need to bulk up before he’s able to have an impact against NBA big men. His back-to-the basket game is good for the college level, but still needs a lot of work. At this point, he will be more of an energy player than a go-to guy on offense. Big men like him are always enticing, but can be a gamble because there’s a limit to what they can do athletically. He’s uncomfortable with the ball unless it is in a back-to-the basket setting. Overall, he really needs to develop his skills and in a perfect world, would benefit from another year or two in college.

BOTTOM LINE: Len is going to be a lottery pick because he’s an athletic big with a high motor and tremendous length. He still has a lot of work to do if he’s going to be effective as a scorer in the NBA, but he could become an impact player if chosen by the right organization and given time to develop. He’s got a high ceiling and a willingness to do what he needs to succeed.

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