Celtics forward Brandon Bass shares his pregame workout routine


Have you ever wondered what it takes to play in the NBA?

How much does a professional athlete work out, and which exercises do they do?

Brandon Bass of the Boston Celtics was nice enough to give SportzEdge his workout, both on game days and on off nights and practice days.

The Celtics training staff describes his daily regimen:

Brandon’s workouts are dependent on the time of the season and the team’s game schedule. We’ve just come off a little break where we had a good game schedule (3 games in 10 days).

This week, we are finishing a power phase. In the next 2 weeks, we have 10 games in 13 days, so it doesn’t make sense to put one in then.

Normal Practice Day:

Brandon starts out with a rollout and a dynamic stretch with one of the strength coaches. He then goes into a movement drill, which includes lateral drives and body control exercises. After that, he begins the following routine:

Cleans  (4 reps, 3 sets)

Leg Shuttles (8 reps)

Chest Press with dumbells (6 reps)

Multiple-Angle Lunges with a weighted vest on (4 reps, 3 sets)

Cable walkouts (2 laps)

2 leg straight-leg dead lifts (3 ways, 3 reps each)

Pull ups with weights (6 reps)

Bass then repeats the entire workout three times.

Game Days/Off Days:

Brandon’s game day workout varies, depending on whether or not the team has a shoot around in the morning. (Sometimes the team meets at the arena early before the game).

The first thing Brandon does are roll outs (myofascial release) with a foam roller. He works on all areas of need, which usually includes hip rotators, quads, I-T (illiotibial) bands and hamstrings.

Then, Brandon will start on a dynamic warmup, which involves him going through various range of movement stretches and posture positioning.

Next, he does band muscle activation to get the right muscles firing and awake. He’ll put a small band on his ankles and do some walking forward, backward and laterally in all directions. He then takes the band and does some kind of squat, so that he can feel that his legs are underneath him.

After all that, Brandon will go and get up some shots with one of the coaches. After shooting, we take a “stick” and roll out what seems to be pulling or not feeling fresh.

Brandon will then take some time for himself and then eat his pregame meal.

After his food settles a little, Celtics trainers take a look at his body and figure out if anything doesn’t feel right. On this particular day, his groin was tight, so they worked on his squat form and did some soft tissue work.

Suggested Meals:

Night before a game: Pasta

Fresh-made juice with various vegetables at the arena (3 hours ahead of time)

Pasta and chicken (after he shoots)

Post-game: Chicken, vegetable, protein shake.

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