Shabazz Napier unfollows LeBron on Twitter, deletes his tweets


By: Kels Dayton

The bromance between Shabazz Napier and LeBron James appears as if it’s over, and like most summer love, it didn’t last long.

It began during March Madness, when LeBron tweeted that he thought Napier was “the best point guard in the draft,” and then tweeted this:


Napier seemed thrilled that the best player in the world appreciated his game, and wanted him on his team. “It’s definitely an honor to have him appreciate my game and believe in what I can do on the court,” he said. “Now it’s my job to go out there and work as hard as I can.”

The Miami Heat then went out and traded up to select Napier on draft night, apparently just to appease James.

Of course, it wasn’t enough, as James decided to leave Miami and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron signed a two-year, $42 million deal with the Cavs over the weekend. The long-awaited LeBron-Shabazz pairing just wasn’t meant to be.

Napier, who already said that he came in to the league “with a chip on my shoulder” after falling to the 24th pick in the draft and watching as five point guards were selected ahead of him, took LeBron’s departure as just another piece of motivation.

Napier, who followed LeBron on Twitter after he was drafted, unfollowed the King over the weekend and deleted all tweets between the two.

If that’s not a messy breakup, I don’t know what is.

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