One-handed basketball player scores basket for Florida

Zach Hodskins is a 6-4, sharpshooting guard who just scored his first basket at the University of Florida.

Normally, this wouldn’t be cause for much celebration, especially since he earned it in the final minute of the Gators’ 89-65 victory over Jacksonville. But there’s something that makes this kid from Alpharetta, Georgia, special.

He’s only got one arm.

The sophomore has already appeared in 10 games for Florida, but on Tuesday, he got on the scoreboard.

Hodskins completely shook a Jacksonville defender, in-and-out dribbling and then spinning his way to the hoop for the basket and a foul, as the crowd at the O-Dome went crazy.

Here’s some video of him doing amazing things in high school, including stroking threes, knocking down pull-up jumpers, going behind-the-back, firing Jason Williams-like passes to teammates, blocking shots, and generally looking like one of the most incredible things you’ve ever seen on a basketball court:

Just call him the Jim Abbott of basketball.

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