Public Service Announcement: Pick up the freaking ball

“Walking the dog,” or letting the basketball roll on the floor while you walk behind it slowly and carelessly while expecting that the defender will just sit back and let you do so, has become an epidemic in the NBA.

Bill Dayton (my dad) hates this move, and there’s no doubt that while there is some benefit to doing it (saving time on the shot or game clock), it’s still an annoying and sometimes ridiculous non-necessity.

Marcus Smart proved that on Tuesday, diving on the floor and taking the ball away from the Nets’ Donald Sloan.

And on Wednesday, John Wall did the same thing to Kyrie Irving, who was inexplicably letting the ball roll with a 65-49 lead, as you can see in the above video.

Here at RoundballDaily, we’ve had enough of this, and we think it’s time for a public service announcement against it, like the unforgettable one ESPN put together against traveling (you know, back when ESPN was good):

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