NBA Draft Profile: Brandon Ingram


By: Trevor Keyes

6-10, 196

School: Duke

Year: Freshman

Projection: Top 3

STRENGTHS: Similar to past Duke talent, Ingram was one of the top players in the nation coming out of high school. The reason why he was so highly recruited was his length, and the way he can shoot the ball. Ingram measures at 6-10, but he’s got a  7-3 wingspan. He’ll fit into the NBA quite well, because teams love length.

Another strength that Ingram has in his arsenal is ability to score. He can finish inside the paint and around the rim, has a sweet mid-range game, and can extend all the way to the three point line. Ingram is a natural born scorer. He uses his size as one of his strengths when guarded by small defenders. He also is great attacker in getting to the basket, due to his long stride and range. Lastly, Ingram has a very high basketball IQ.

WEAKNESSES: The biggest weakness for Ingram right now is that he is scrawny, which may scare teams due to him getting bullied around by bigger defenders. If Ingram wants to become a great all-around player, he needs to put on more meat on those bones and start eating more. Another weakness is his subpar defensive skills. He’s got the length and body type to be a tremendous defender, but needs to prove his lateral quickness and ability to stay with guards. Lastly, is if Ingram wants to be a building block for one of these franchises he needs to become more of a vocal leader, he is way too shy. Yes he may be very young, but he needs to be more vocal, so people know that he belongs in the NBA.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for a complete shooter and a man that can use his length to his ability, then Ingram is your guy. When we think of Ingram, we think of Kevin Durant 2.0. Not a bad comparison, but Ingram needs to put some muscle on his frame, and he needs to become more of a leader. All in all, Ingram is one of the few building blocks in this draft, so any team that lands him is getting one heck of a talent.

Player Comparison: Kevin Durant

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