NBA Draft Profile: John Collins

John Collins

6-10, 235 lbs., Forward


Wake Forest

STRENGTHS: A wiry athlete with superball-like bounce, Collins is a terrific finisher around the rim. If you’ve got an alley that needs ‘ooping, he’s your man. Much of his draft appeal has to do with his athleticism–and with good reason. He’s very much like a new-age big–mobile, athletic and versatile–only without the ability to shoot from deep.

Collins was the nation’s most efficient scorer off of the pick and roll last season, according to, which obviously helps his NBA stock. He’s also got a dependable jumper from 10-12 feet, is agile and has good footwork in the post, and can really run the floor. He was terrific in transition for the Deacs last year, and his mobility allows him to successfully guard multiple positions on defense. He’s also a naturally gifted shotblocker, as he sent back 1.6 shots per last season.

The sophomore was among the nation’s leaders in field goal percentage (62.2%). He also shot 74.5% from the free throw line, which shows that he’s got a good stroke.

Collins was also a solid rebounder, grabbing 9.8 per last season.

WEAKNESSES: He’s going to need to work on his defensive awareness, particularly off the ball. He’s also slender and could be tossed aside quite easily by NBA bigs. His post game isn’t very refined, and it’s not like you’re going to be able to rely on throwing him the ball and letting him do work on the low block, though he is capable.

BOTTOM LINE: This kid is raw, but he’s got enough athleticism, a natural shot blocking ability, and a good-enough looking jumper to develop into a solid NBA player. He doesn’t have the offensive skill set to excel right away, and will likely most help an NBA team in transition, or throwing down lobs off the pick and roll. If he can develop a knock down jumper (which is likely), he can be a starter, and could wind up making a lot of money before he hangs up his Nikes.

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