Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox will make you feel old

De’Aaron Fox will make you feel old.

Whether you’re an NBA vet he’s putting on skates as he glides past you to the rack, or a 30-year-old dude sitting on his couch and realizing his favorite team’s point guard doesn’t remember the ’90s.

(That moment is, well…sobering.)

The 19-year-old is off to an auspicious start with the Kings, averaging a team-high 13.7 points and 5.3 assists, and pulling down 5 boards per in three games so far.

He’s doing all of that despite coming off the bench, which, you’ve got to figure will change soon.

Fox has taken quickly to the NBA game, using his (ahem) fox-like quickness to blow by opponents, create openings and find waiting teammates.

He could still stand to gain some confidence in his jumper (though he’s nowhere near as far off as Markelle Fultz—yeesh.)

This kid’s success is enough to make any middling, 30ish man consider the mundane cruelty of the average working man’s existence, and it doesn’t help that he flagrantly flaunts his youth through his fanhood of a popular Japanese anime.

Fox is a big fan of something called “Dragon Ball Z,” which is a nerdy Japanese cartoon that seems like Pokemon or Power Rangers or something…who cares.

He’s shouted a catchphrase from the show (Kameha?) as he drilled an open three in the Kings’ win over the Mavs last week:

He’s also got a Twitter avatar that looks like a character on the show, and received custom sneakers from Nike that were Dragon Ball Z-themed.

It’s incredible, but the generation that doesn’t remember a time when there weren’t cell phones, high-speed internet and social media has already reached the NBA.

De’Aaron Fox is proving he’s really good at basketball, but he’s even better at making people who still remember being young feel old.

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