Devin Cannady given conditional discharge; three charges are dismissed, but marijuana use stays on the books for one year

Devin Cannady Princeton

The court proceedings involving the outgoing Princeton basketball captain came to a negotiated conclusion on March 11th in the form of a plea agreement, a conditional discharge, and the disclosure that Devin Cannady had been using marijuana leading up to a well-publicized incident on January 18th.

Kim A. Otis, attorney for the player, said, “It’s a relatively minor case of the use of marijuana. It happens a lot at the University.” He was interviewed by Emily Spalding of the campus newspaper, The Daily Princetonian.

Cannady was facing five charges- aggravated assault on a police officer, simple assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and being under the influence without a prescription. The assault on a police officer was when he allegedly struck an officer from Princeton’s Department of Public Safety (“PSAFE”) in an off-campus Wawa convenience store.

An “Unfortunate event”

The prosecutor, Kim Lacken explained that she had spoken with the officer and his supervisor, who agreed that the matter was an “unfortunate event.”
The aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct charges were all dismissed as part of the agreement.

As for being under the influence without a prescription, Cannady was given a conditional discharge, which can be dismissed in a year if he does not have any other arrests or convictions.

One of the conditions he must fulfill is to complete 20 hours of community service.
Cannady could have also lost his driving privileges for a year. The lawyer said that his client is now living and working in his home state of Indiana, and not being allowed to drive would have had a “devastating impact on him.”

He added that the disposition of the case is “appropriate, and a normal deal in these sort of situations.”

Judge John McCarthy, himself a Princeton graduate (1969), asked the prosecutor whether Cannady being a star basketball player had any effect on the agreement. She replied that he had not been given preferential treatment and that they handled him just as they would anyone else.

Cannady says he will hire an agent and declare for the NBA draft. The attorney said his client plans to resume his studies at Princeton in the fall.

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