You can play with the 2002 Sacramento Kings in NBA 2K12, for a price

By: Kels Dayton

When I heard that NBA 2K12 was going to include the 2001-02 Sacramento Kings as one of the classic teams available to play with, I was pumped. I don’t have to tell most of our visitors why. A chance to play with the real 2002 NBA Champions? In a game with mint graphics, incredibly realistic gameplay, and a whole slew of other sick classic teams from the past? It sure beats hooking up the old N64 and firing up NBA Live 2003.

You can play with C-Webb and the '02 Kings in NBA 2K12, but it's going to cost you about $10 and a few headaches. (Photo:

So I had my momma get it for me for Christmas. I was so pumped I could practically feel Vlade Divac’s warm, hairy embrace ready to burst through my television screen, welcoming me to a world of redemption and nostalgia previously unimaginable. I couldn’t wait to relive the glory days, and watch as the real 2002 champs lifted the Larry O’Brien trophy—even if it was only virtually.

But then I turned on my Xbox.

I searched everywhere for the ’02 Kings, only to find out that some idiot at 2K Sports decided it’d be real cool to deceive everyone and only put the 2002 Kings and the 1990-91 Golden State Warriors in a limited number of copies.

You had to either pre-order NBA 2K12 or be one of the first few hundred people to purchase the game when it came out in October in order to get a copy that included those incredibly awesome classic teams.

For those lucky enough to get one of those copies, they came with a sheet and a code specific to that individual copy which needed to be unlocked in order to play with the ’91 Warriors and the ’02 Kings.

I went from pumped to pissed.

But there was hope. I searched around a little bit and finally found out that some of the codes are still available for purchase on eBay.

Some savvy gamers who didn’t care about playing with these teams had saved their code and made them available for purchase, which meant that you could bid on one of the codes. So, as any fanatical Kings fan would do, I searched for the cheapest one–$10–and had it in my eBay message box three days later.

Was it annoying? Yes. Unnecessary? Of course. But if you really want to play with the 2002 Sacramento Kings in an outstanding video game that nearly tops the pure, unadulterated basketball nirvana that NBA 2K11 was…this is the way to go.

Just go to eBay and search for “DLC Code NBA 2K12” and make yourself the highest bidder. It shouldn’t cost you more than $10. (Look for the international sellers.)

Then pop the code in (Note: you must be online to do this. And you should save the rosters immediately. Again…annoying). I didn’t have a wireless Xbox reciever, so I hooked mine up to the internet via an ethernet cable.

Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy as NBA 2K12 takes you on a magical journey back in time with the 2002 Sacramento Kings, not to mention all of the unbelievable classic teams already in the game. It’s truly basketball paradise, and finally, one of the most tortured fan bases in the NBA can enjoy a little sun too.


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