NBA Draft Profile: Scott Machado

By: Kels Dayton


6-1, 180 lbs.

Hometown: Queens, NY

School: Iona

Class: Senior


AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo

STRENGTHS: For twenty unbelievable minutes of basketball, Iona’s Scott Machado looked like Steve Nash. The nation’s leader in assists (9.9 apg) was bounding up and down the court, finding open teammates as if they had just appeared out of some hardwood mist; dribbling around BYU defenders like they were mere obstacles in a real-life game of Paperboy. Overzealous analysts (Editor’s note: Me), became giddy with excitement, shouting from the Twitter mountaintop that Iona was bound for the Sweet 16, at the very least. “Iona looks like the Miami Heat right now,” CBS analyst Steve Kerr said.

Sure, the Gaels didn’t show up for the second half, and BYU came storming back from 25 points down to win in the largest comeback in NCAA Tournament history. But in those awe-inspiring 20 minutes, Scott Machado was playing at a level that no one else in college basketball could reach. He’s played at that level at times during the regular season for three straight years, and has the motor and ability to get there in the NBA. Machado is a wizard with the basketball, with eyes not only in the back of his head but on the sides as well. He makes passes few guards could make and finds guys who didn’t even know they were open. This dude is a terrific prospect, even if scouts don’t realize that yet.


WEAKNESSES: Scouts complain that Machado is just 6-1, 180, which is small for an NBA point guard. He’s not a lights-out shooter at this point, and played at a relatively low level of competition in the MAAC. Also, the fact that Iona was so inconsistent at times during the season (they blew leads of 18-plus points on three occasions) is troubling, as is the fact that Machado doesn’t have high-end speed.

BOTTOM LINE: He may not go until the second round, but this kid is a legitimate baller. He’s an ideal NBA point guard because of his other-world passing ability, and his ability to play in transition. Machado may not be the quickest, strongest, or tallest guard in the class, but he just might be the best basketball player. He’s going to be an absolute steal for someone if he falls into Round 2.


Machado’s Highlights from Iona/BYU in NCAAs:


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