2012-13 NBA Preview: Houston Rockets


15. Houston Rockets

HOW THEY CAN WIN: If Linsanity becomes scientific law and not just a passing phenomenon, the Rockets may have a chance. Beyond that, this roster doesn’t look like it have what it takes to compete. Lin will have to make the transition from unheralded bench guy who made good to big-money superstar and unquestioned leader. It’s not going to be easy. Still, there are a group of talented young players in draft picks Jeremy Lamb, Royce White, and Terrence Jones, and undrafted rookie Scott Machado, who (you heard it here first)–will be a player in the NBA. The nation’s leading assists man at Iona had a game-high 11 in the team’s first preseason game in just 23 minutes of action.

WHY THEY WON’T: Hey Astros fans, how about six more months of the same? This team is painfully young, with the eldest statesman being 30-year old shooting guard Carlos Delfino. The average age of the Rockets is a ridiculously young 24 years old.

FINAL DESTINATION: Kevin McHale better hope that he has a long leash, because this team doesn’t have much chance to compete this season. Still, if the rookies come together, the future could be bright.

OUR CALL: 15-67. The Rockets will take their lumps in Year 1 of this rebuilding project.

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