NBA Draft Profile: Victor Oladipo


6-4, 215 lbs.

School: Indiana

Class: Junior

AP Photo

AP Photo

STRENGTHS: Oladipo was a do-everything player and National Player of the Year candidate at Indiana this past season. He was the key cog that made the Hoosiers go, averaging 13.6 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game. Oladipo is a tremendous athlete with great leaping ability. He’s also a terrific defensive player, and could earn his keep in the league on that end of the floor. He’s a great rebounder for his size because he has a nose for the ball and understands how to crash the glass. It doesn’t hurt that he has freakish athleticism and will probably be in the Slam Dunk contest one day. Oladipo is a hard worker whose leadership and tenacity helped mold Indiana into a 1-seed. He’s also a good shooter and finished fifth in the country in field goal percentage (59.9 percent). He’s got moxie and the ability to knock down big shots, as seen in the NCAA Tournament Round of 32 game against Temple.

WEAKNESSES: At 6-4, he’s small for a 2-guard, but he doesn’t have a point guard’s skill set. His career arc reminds you of Indiana great Calbert Cheaney because it’s possible that he won’t fit as well in the pros. It’s going to be interesting to see if his rebounding prowess can continue in the league at just 6-4. He’s also slight for the league and doesn’t really have an NBA body. He would be best suited as a point guard, but his ball handling skills and decision making are not at that level. Oladipo can be turnover-prone. He also used his athleticism to get him virtually everything in college, but in the pros, he won’t be such a standout athlete. His work ethic and tenacity are going to have to be what gets him by.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a weak draft, so you can’t blame Oladipo for coming out early. But in a perfect world, you would have liked to see him stay at Indiana for one more year. Oladipo isn’t a lights-out shooter and doesn’t have point guard skills, and that isn’t a great combination for a 6-4 guard. compares him to Grizzlies guard and defensive specialist Tony Allen, and that may be the best career path for him. Despite his shortcomings, Oladipo is a tremendous athlete and hard worker, and that should be enough for him to earn his place in the league.



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