NBA Draft Profile: Erick Green


6-4, 185 lbs.

School: Virginia Tech

Class: Senior


Erick-GreenSTRENGTHS: Green led the nation in scoring in 2013, putting up 25 points per game for a bad Virginia Tech team. He’s got a natural knack for putting the ball in the basket, and can score from anywhere on the floor. Green has NBA quickness and length, and is lethal in transition. He’s a wonderful pull-up jump shooter  and can score in contact despite a slight frame. He’s deadly off the dribble, and his mid-range J is terrific. Green can score on step-backs, with hands in his face, and on pull-ups from NBA range. In short, he’s a fantastic shooter. That shooting ability helps other aspects of his game, as it frees him up to make passes (he averaged 4 assists per game). He also grabbed 4 rebounds per contest last season.

WEAKNESSES: Green needs to add strength, and although he’s 6-4, he may be more effective in the NBA as a point guard. Though he’s a great decision maker and doesn’t turn the ball over much, it’s yet to be seen if he’s unselfish enough to succeed at the point. Then again, he did play on a terrible Virginia Tech team. His frame may be a little slight and it’s going to be interesting to see how he develops in the NBA. He has a little bit of CJ Watson in him.


BOTTOM LINE:  If he doesn’t make it in the NBA, Erick Green will have a long career overseas as a 20-plus points per game scorer. He’s that good a shooter. But that doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to be a great NBA player. His frame, strength and athleticism are concerns. Still, it’s going to be tough to pass up on the nation’s leading scorer, especially


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