DeMarcus Cousins proves he’s actually a great guy; gives family new car

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins takes a lot of crap.

They call him a diva, a headcase, a (Charles Barkley voice) knucklehead, a guy who won’t shut up long enough on the court to let his immense talent do the talking for him.

One idiot writer even tweeted five years ago that there was a 100% chance he’d get arrested in the next five years. Cousins called him out on that.

But over the weekend, Big Cuz, or “Santa Cuz” did something incredibly nice for the Sacramento community–taking 200 area kids shopping for their own Christmas gifts and giving a brand, spanking new car to a family that desperately needed it.

Sacramento Kings fans already know that deep down, DeMarcus is just a sensitive guy with a big heart.

Check out the video above, and you’ll understand why.

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