NBA Draft Profile: Zach Collins

Zach Collins

7-0, 230 lbs.


STRENGTHS: The Vegas-born seven-footer is an intriguing prospect because of his size, motor, and inside-outside game. Collins was a disruptive shotblocking force for the Zags last year, averaging 1.8 swats per game. He moves extremely well, works hard and is tough to stay in front of on the boards. He’s got a great frame, and looks like he’ll be able to add the requesite muscle while remaining athletic enough to chase down boards and defend NBA bigs.

Though he wont turn 20 until November, Collins already has a more developed post game than nearly any big in this class. Which isn’t saying a lot, but still. But like everyone else in this new era of basketball, he can shoot the 3 (47.6% last season on 3.8 attempts per game). He’s also got a nice touch from the free throw line (74.3%), and shot the ball well overall (65.2%) in 17 minutes per game for the Zags.

WEAKNESSES: His low-post game could use refining, even though it’s solid for his age and competition level. He’ll never be a Lauri Markkanen-type threat off the dribble, and isn’t good enough down low to make a dent offensively in the NBA, so he’s going to need to knock down shots to remain effective. He’s raw, and will need some time in the league before he truly makes an impact. Going from a freshman backup on a WCC team (even if it is Gonzaga) to the NBA is a huge jump, so the front office, fans, and coaching staff will need to have a little bit of patience while he puts on weight, learns and develops his game.

BOTTOM LINE: This kid has the potential to become a solid, starting center in the NBA based on his frame, defensive motor, and ability to stretch the floor with the 3. He’s probably not destined for stardom, but can make a nice impact on a team in two or three years. He’ll be off the board within the first 10-13 picks.

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