Which teams will be the most exciting to watch on League Pass next season?

Paul George and Russell Westbrook are sure going to look great out on the court together. (Photo:

Basketball never stops.

Much like the NFL and its oppressive out-of-season encroachment on the sports news cycle, the NBA almost has no offseason nowadays.

The Warriors’ champagne bottles weren’t even empty by the time commissioner Adam Silver announced Markelle Fultz’s name at the NBA Draft, and just a week later, the next class of future stars were lacing ’em up in Summer League.

It’s already got us salivating about next season, thinking about which teams will be most fun to watch after we splurge for League Pass.

Check out our Top 10:

10. Washington Wizards

John Wall is always worth postponing your trip to the gym for, and even though the Wiz haven’t done much to put a quality supporting cast around him, he’s worth watching on his own. Can he put his name in the MVP conversation next year?

9. Denver Nuggets

If you don’t know about Nikola Jokic, get familiar. This dude is re-defining what a center can be, and his game is arguably more unique than Kristaps Porzingis. He’ll have the Nuggs in playoff contention.

8. Miami Heat

The Heat completely flipped the script in the 2017 part of the 2016-17 season, going 30-11 down the stretch and looking like a team that could be dangerous in the playoffs. Can Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside (two of the most underratedly entertaining watches in the league) take advantage of a weak Eastern Conference and emerge as contenders?

7. San Antonio Spurs

We’re not sleeping on Kawhi any longer. He put on a Jordan-esque performance (no hyperbole) in the Western Conference Semis, and just keeps getting better. This could be the year he walks away with the MVP.

6. Milwaukee Bucks

Two words: Giannis Antetokounmpo. You’re not going to want to miss any of his freakishness, and if that weren’t enough, there’s Thon Maker and defending Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder

The tandem of Russell Westbrook and Paul George is going to be super-explosive, and we can’t wait to see how their games mesh together. Is this team good enough to re-join the upper echelon in the West?

4. Los Angeles Lakers

Love him or hate him, you know you can’t wait to see how Lonzo Ball fares in his first NBA season. How hard will guys go after him? Will De’Aaron Fox continue to absolutely own him? Will he walk off the court crying after Matt Barnes gives him an elbow to the groin? Can’t wait to find out.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

When he’s playing, Joel Embiid is more entertaining than any episode of “Better Call Saul.” It’s also going to be interesting to check out Ben Simmons in his “rookie” year, and Markelle Fultz in his. They may not win many games, but we can’t wait to see how “The Process” develops.

2. Houston Rockets

Houston was already a set-your-DVR team last season, with James Harden playing like a cross between Steve Nash and Steph Curry. The Rockets were one of the highest-scoring teams in the league (107.7 ppg), and that’s certainly not going to change after adding Chris Paul.

As head coach Mike D’Antoni said, Houston’s going to have a future Hall of Fame point guard on the floor 48 minutes per game. How’s it going to work? Will Harden and Paul be able to co-exist? Why didn’t CP3 sign with the Spurs? Can’t wait to find out the answers to these questions.

1. Golden State Warriors

All of that other stuff we just said is nice, but…come on. This group is still head and shoulders above everybody else, on the scoreboard and in entertainment value. The only thing that hurts the W’s in these rankings is that you better make sure the DVR starts on time. Gotta catch the first quarter, because garbage time comes quickly.

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