2017-18 NBA Preview: Brooklyn Nets

The NBA season is almost here, and here at Roundball Daily, we can’t wait like Bart Scott.

We’ve put together some team preview capsules for each of the 30 teams, starting from the bottom and working our way towards our picks for the top. Our next club up: the perennially bottom-feeding Brooklyn Nets.

14. Brooklyn Nets

At least the Bulls will be worse…we think. The Nets at least got something out of last year’s draft, trading Brook Lopez for 2015 No. 2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell. They’re hoping he figures it out in Brooklyn, and he’s got a chance–he’s just 21 years old.

The Russell trade makes up for the fact that the Nets gave away lottery picks in 2016, 17, and 18. At the very least, they will have a first-rounder if Toronto doesn’t land in the lottery this year, which is something. Still, Billy King screwed this team up royally–and it’s going to take a while before they’re competitive again.

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