New look in the NBA is not just on the court but along the sidelines

The Raptors’ Nick Nurse might be the first coach in NBA history to come out for a game wearing a hoodie.

By Joel Alderman

Anyone who has been watching the NBA since it resumed its pandemic-delayed season in the Walt Disney World bubble at Lake Buena Vista, FL, may have noticed more than differences on the court and on the player uniforms. Gone are the suits and ties of the coaches. They are no longer dressing like fashion plates.

The height of sartorial sideline splendor was displayed in the past by Pat Riley, with the late Chuck Daly and his splashy shoes, a close second. They always looked like they were at a high-level board of directors meeting rather than a basketball game.

Not only did Reilly always wear an Armani suit, but rarely had on the same one twice.

A relaxation of the dress code

Things are different now There are no fans inside the bubble. although large numbers watch on TV. So why has the league relaxed its dress code this summer? Yes, the average daytime temperature in that part of Florida is over 90 degrees, but it is still air-conditioned where they play.

Coaches are now decked out in polo shirts, leisurewear, and even sneakers. Neckties, suits, and sport jackets are out.

Could be the first to wear a hoodie

One coach, Nick Nurse of the Toronto Raptors, came out wearing a hoodie, like the NBA’s version of Bill Belichick. His choice was probably the most inappropriate garment one can wear in Florida, especially indoors It is hard to imagine how he could have been comfortable.

International basketball, even the Olympics, doesn’t require the bench leaders to dress to the nines. So, it looked strange seeing Mike Krzyzewski in sports clothes when he was coaching in the Olympics. The outspoken Gregg Popovic chose to wear polo shirts, sneakers and sweat pants,
On the college level most coaches wear suits and some are in sports jackets. One who doesn’t fit the mold is Tommy Amaker of Harvard. Whether it’s a suit or sports jacket, he always displays an open collar and, of course, no tie.

What does all this mean?

To conclude this dissertation about fashion, let it be said that the newly developing trend of the coaches dressing informally is rather meaningless to the average fan. Meaningless, that is, as long as the right team wins.

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