Where will Dillon Brooks end up next season? Five teams who make the most sense

Dillon Brooks

Dillon Brooks won’t be back in Memphis next season. Where will the outspoken yet talented wing end up?

The Memphis Grizzlies have reportedly informed Dillon Brooks that he “won’t be back under any circumstances,” according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

That’s pretty harsh, but after calling LeBron “old,” punching him in the balls, missing some key defensive rotations and running his mouth and not backing it up– in addition to blowing off the media– it’s not an incredible shock.

Brooks is a free agent and he rejected some extension offers from the Grizzlies earlier in the season. It’ll be interesting to see exactly what he’ll command on the open market– his stock definitely went down after he turned into a homeless man’s Vernon Maxwell in the postseason.

Which teams would be the best fit for the 27-year-old 3-and-D specialist?

New York Knicks

Brooks seems like Tom Thibodeau’s type of player, although his villain persona could play either way in New York. It’ll certainly help if he defends well and makes shots. The Knicks already have a 3-and-D wing in Josh Hart, they could use another on the roster. Brooks could potentially take some of Obi Toppin’s minutes as the 6-9 wing has struggled to make a major impact so far in his career. Adding some of that edge could make these Knicks a little more like their ’90s brethren who are still absolutely beloved at the Garden.

Phoenix Suns

The Suns need depth, and some more players who can play complimentary roles alongside their big-time scorers. Losing Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson in the Kevin Durant trade was huge, and Brooks can make up for some of that. He’s definitely got that dog in him and you could see plenty of chances for clashes with Paul and/or Booker, but this is a team full of dogs, and it could be a solid fit, with vets like KD and CP3 showing him the way.

Sacramento Kings

The Kings have a big decision to make with Harrison Barnes, and they may not want to give the veteran forward who our boy Ross Bentley (a Mavs fan) calls “the worst good player in the NBA” big money. Brooks might command a similar salary, but he’s younger with more upside and a better defender. The Kings could use even more edge, and Brooks has plenty of history with Draymond Green and the Warriors too. Why not try and gain a mental edge on the team that just eliminated you?

Philadelphia 76ers

Brooks is a pretty good fit for this roster, which is getting older in some key spots (we’re looking at you, PJ Tucker). Adding a defensive dog would help if Philly retains Harden, it’d be easier to defend the Celtics’ Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and if Brooks can get a little more efficient from 3, he’d be a natural fit to knock down open looks off of drive-and-kick actions with Harden and Maxey. Doc Rivers would provide the type of leadership Brooks may need from a coach, and he’s an upgrade on Paul Reed and Georges Niang. He’d also play pretty well to the fanbase in Philly. This makes a lot of sense as a landing spot.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls don’t have a lot of toughness and grit defensively, and they have very few players who do what Brooks does. He’d be a big upgrade on Patrick Williams in a lot of lineups, would give Chicago a much-needed 3-point threat on the wing and a lot more versatility. The Bulls’ roster isn’t built to compete against some of the teams who play the modern, five-out, 3-point-shooters-everywhere game, and they need more players who make sense in today’s game. Brooks is one of those guys, and he’d give Chicago a defensive edge they’re sorely missing in the process.

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